Help needed: check unsafe calls to Title::getTalkPage in all extensions

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Help needed: check unsafe calls to Title::getTalkPage in all extensions

Daniel Kinzler-2
If you are an extension maintainer, or are interested in helping out, your help
with the following task would be appreciated:

As per T165149, the contract of Title::getTalkPage changes to throw an exception
if called on a page in a namespace that does not have a talk namespace associated.

All calls to Title::getTalkPage must either be changed to
getTalkPageIfDefined(), or they must first check canHaveTalkPage(). These checks
can be omitted only for the User namespace, since user pages can always have
talk pages. Note that some of the below may be calls to User::getTalkPage
instead; those also don't need checks, since users can always have talk pages.

Offending calls to getTalkPage() should be removed from all extensions. They
MUST be removed from all extensions deployed on the Wikimedia cluster before
merging Icee208dc.

Below is a list of extensions with potentially offending calls to
getTalkNamespace(). Please go through them, and tick them off in the phabricator
task once the fix has been merged. If you made a patch bit it is not merged yet,
you can link to it in the respective line of the task description.

[] ArticleComments
[] ArticleFeedbackv5
[] BlueSpiceExtensions
[] BlueSpiceFoundation
[] CommentPages
[] ConfirmAccount
[] ConventionExtension
[] DumpHTML
[] Duplicator
[] EditSubpages
[] EducationProgram
[] Favorites
[] FlaggedRevs
[] Flow
[] GoogleNewsSitemap
[] InterwikiIntegration
[] LiquidThreads
[] News
[] ReaderFeedback
[] WatchSubpages
[] WikiLove
[] WikibaseQualityConstraints
[] Wikidata
[] XMLContentExtension
[] CologneBlue
[] Nimbus
[] Tempo

For a more detailed list, see the phabricator task.

Daniel Kinzler
Principal Platform Engineer

Wikimedia Deutschland
Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.

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