Help with a pop up on the CI while running tests

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Help with a pop up on the CI while running tests

Soham Parekh
Hello folks,

I am a Google Summer of Code student developer current working on the
task Evaluate
WebdriverIO replacements for our browser automation framework
<>. I have been trying to
replicate the tests in "mediawiki/core" using Puppeteer <> and
Cypress <>. However a weird pop up on the CI breaks my
tests. I have created a separate task on Phabricator
<> addressing the same. The tests
run successfully on my local "mediawiki/core" setup. This pop up only
appears on the CI.

As a result of this, I am currently blocked on writing further code. It
would be awesome if someone could help me out with this issue or guide me
to setting up the CI environment on my local machine so that I can resolve

Thank you,

Soham Parekh
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