How to use OOUI in Mediawiki ???

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How to use OOUI in Mediawiki ???

Arthur Smith
Hi - I hope this is the right list to ask this...

  I've been working on an extension where I've been trying to create some
interactive form fields - basically allowing the user to click and add a
nested group of fields. The idea was to do this in Javascript using OOUI,
and I thought I could have the php side create the initial form and fields
and handle the results by extending the existing Mediawiki FormAction
(using HTMLForm etc.)

   However, I'm getting lost in the documentation and I can't figure out
what is needed to make this work - or if I need a different approach? There
are a couple of things in particular I've got stuck on:
* having the $data provided to the onSubmit php method include any of the
added fields (if it's not in the original list from getFormFields() it
doesn't seem to be included)
* on the javascript side, finding the identifiers of particular DOM objects
(like a certain Field Layout) to use OOUI infusion on (when I try with
jquery selectors on classes for example I get errors, too many things seem
to match)

Is there a good example extension or part of Mediawiki itself that does
anything like this? Or any other hints? Do I just need to give up on
FormAction and use OOUI to create all the form fields and getRequest()
directly to parse the submitted data??

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