I can get a Press Release in the Collage Newspaper

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I can get a Press Release in the Collage Newspaper

Brian / Talisman
If someone can write up something about Wikiversity. And that it needs
content and Money(possible for things like tutoring existing classes of the
University of California CA and the Community Collage of Santa Barbara.  I
can probably do a good job in getting it in at least 2 newspapers.
The Independent It covers most of Santa Barbara County
The Daily Nexus Most readership is UCSB And SBCC.

I might also be able to get on the public radio and possibly the local News
Channels.  I would want to get on bigger TV shows like Letterman or Leno.
I May have some connections, These people are looking for speakers and
people to talk with a lot.

I know I am new here But I really want to help start a Education
Revolution.  And I think Wikimedia is a vehicle to do it with.

I can also Hold Local Fundraisers hear in Santa Barbara.  Montecito CA is
just next door and it is one of the Richest places in the US.  Many many
Actors live here.  Oprah's 32 million Dollar home is here.

We can get some serious money here.  I used to do Fund raisers for smaller

I want to hold a Dinner, where participants pay money for the dinner and
they get good food and a show.  This is a really good way of raising
funds.   And it is the preferred method of really really Rich people.

Brian Carpenter
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