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INDECT interview

This is a last-chance to review the questions for Assistant Chief
Constable Drew Harris of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, head of
the INDECT ethics board.

I know there were concerns with the last article I did on INDECT, a
number of people felt it wasn't suitably NPOV. Please, there is a need
to have an introduction on this (5W+H on who Harris is and what INDECT
is). Please make suggestions on that's format and content; there may be
points I pull out of my currently private OR which people consider POV,
or possibly even illegally obtained.

What are the responsibilities of the Project INDECT ethics board?
      * How does the ethics board reach decisions on what research to
        proceed with?
      * Who are the members of the Project INDECT ethics board, and who
        selected them?
      * What are the academic requirements of the ethics board?
      * What progress has there been on the project in recent months?
      * What are the kinds of situations where an alert or alarm might
        be triggered? And who would set those kinds of parameters?
      * Are you concerned that at least one European University has been
        petitioned by their student association to refuse to cooperate
        in any Project INDECT research?
      * What are the measures you'll be using to determine the success
        of the large-scale trial planned for the Euro 2012 football
      * How would you detect someone misusing access to INDECT data?
      * If fully implemented in Northern Ireland, approximately how many
        CCTV and speed cameras would be connected to the system?
      * Would the records on email and web browsing habits that UK ISPs
        are required to keep be included in the INDECT database?
      * Would it be possible for private businesses to make website
        activity or CCTV feeds available to INDECT?
      * Would you support private companies watermarking, or otherwise
        flagging, content to ease monitoring its reuse on the Internet?
      * Which non-public databases from police and security services
        would be added to INDECT to complement more public information?
      * Would you expect implementation of INDECT to improve collection
        of evidence leading to prosecutions?
      * Would data normally requiring a warrant or court order be held
        in INDECT? Would such be usable in a prosecution without an
        equivalent legal process to deem such evidence admissible?
      * Is the data collection required for INDECT not in violation of
        the privacy clauses contained within the European Convention on
        Human Rights?
      * Would implementation of an EU-wide version of INDECT with
        Europe-wide data sharing require UK parliamentary legislation?
      * Would actively seeking to keep browsing habits private, using
        tools such as The Onion Router (TOR) developed by the US Navy,
        be reason to flag someone for further investigation?

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