IRC chat on Wednesday 20 March for Q&A about Lua scripting on wikis

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IRC chat on Wednesday 20 March for Q&A about Lua scripting on wikis

Sumana Harihareswara-2
Hi, Wikimedia India community!

We enabled Lua on all Wikimedia sites last week. Lua
<> is a scripting language that
enables wiki editors to write faster and more powerful MediaWiki
templates, and is reasonably easy to learn.  We're pretty excited about
this, partly because of the promise of Lua + Wikidata
 You might have heard about this on the Wikimedia tech blog
or the tech ambassadors list

If you have questions about how to convert existing templates to Lua (or
how to create new ones), we'll be holding two support sessions on IRC
this week.  You're probably more interested in the one on Wednesday 20
(for Oceania, Asia & America). There's also one on Friday
(for Europe, Africa & America).

See m:IRC office hours
<> for details. If you
can't make it, you can also get help at mw:Talk:Lua scripting

If you'd like to learn about this kind of event earlier in advance,
consider becoming a Tech ambassador
<> by subscribing to the
mailing list

Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

P.S. Thanks to Guillaume Paumier for writing the wikimediaannounce-l
post I modified to write this!

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