[IWG] International Working Group report for November-December 2013

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[IWG] International Working Group report for November-December 2013

Emmanuel Engelhart-4

This is the last report I will manage for the IWG. After 18 months of
activity, I have decided to resigned as working group leader. The IWG
was not able to get its own dynamic for multiple reasons. Time is come
to a new start, to a new setup.

== Offline ==

* We have done two new releases of Kiwix for Android and reached 6.500
active installations on Google Play (Google Android App market).
* WikimediaCH has decided to invest in 2014 ~40.000 CHF and 30% employee
time for its new "Offline Dissemination Program" (ODP).
* The Google Code-in program is almost finished and this already is a
big success. Kiwix for Android has now many new interesting features and
we have "recruited" a new talented and motivated Java developer who
might work on the long term with the project.
* We have reached 700.000 downloads of the different Kiwix versions in 2013
* We have started to release ZIM files of the Wiktionary
* Release of a new tool called zimwriterfs to create your own ZIM file
with data from your filesystem.
* Kiwix 0.9rc3 is almost ready an should be released in the next days
* Next Offline hackathon day/location is public: it will be in Zurich,
between the 5-11 may (same week like the European hackathon)

== Community building, International projects ==

* WLM awards ceremony was organized at the Sousse Archaeological Museum,
with a photo exhibition held there for two weeks
* Mesh Sayada, a free wifi community network using routers distributed
in the city of Sayada, has been installed and offers an access to free
contents (including Wikipedia in Arabic and French) using kiwix-serve.

The online version available at:


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