If you are passionate about world hunger, sustainability and global issues please read this

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If you are passionate about world hunger, sustainability and global issues please read this

Alex Peek
Homepage: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Global_Economic_Map

The goal of this project is to improve public understanding economic data
and serve public administration.

It's time that we create a standardized model that everyone can understand
and relate to. Given the challenges that our world faces today, our
civilization must realize the economic reality that we live in. Global
warming, world hunger, education and unemployment are all economic issues
that require a new perspective.

The voting public must be provided the materials to properly allocate
resources. We can end world hunger with foreign aid. We can create a modern
day renaissance by building schools around the world. We should put more
public money R&D into renewable energies and create a cheaper alternative.
The world must understand wake up to the reality.

This format can be repeated for all 196 countries, every locality and city.
There can also be a standardized format for every company (model does not
exist yet).

Countries ranked by 2011 GDP

1. United States:


2. China:


3. Japan:


4. Germany:


5. France:


6. Brazil:


7. United Kingdom


8. Italy


9. India


10. Russia

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