Indian Language wikipedia Statistics – 2011 October

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Indian Language wikipedia Statistics – 2011 October

Shiju Alex-2
Dear All,

I am sharing the statistical report of Indian language wiki projects for
the month of 2011 October.  It is available here.

Some interesting facts that I discovered this month are:

   - Nearly *4.3 crore* readers are there for all Indic language
   wikipedias!  This number is huge and increased by nearly 1/3 in just 1
   month! So Indic wikis has huge reader base.
   - Marathi wiki community has increased its active editor base by nearly
   33% in just 1 month.
   - Sanskrit wikipedia has been amongst the shining stars of *all* Indic
   language wikipedias in terms of adding new articles (12 new articles every
   day in October) and edits per article (nearly 18 edits across all articles,
   old and new.)

You can find more interesting facts from the report at

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