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Indic Wikisource community consultation updates

Ananth Subray
Dear All,

I had represented the Kannada Wikisource community in the Indic Wikisource
community consultation which was held in Kolkata on November 24th and
25th. The small and brief introduction was given by Jayantanth after this
the following things were discussed:

   - Stats tool <>:
   Which gives the number of validated, proofread, w/o text etc.
   - Wsexport <>: Which
   allow you to download the books in different formats.
   - Indic OCR tool <>: This tool will
   allow us to run OCR in page namespace for individual pages.
   - IA upload tool <>:  This tool will
   help us to upload the books from Internet archive to commons.
   - URL2commons <>: This
   tool will help us to upload books from any website.
   - Vicuna Uploader <>: This tool will help
   us to upload books/images/videos in bulk to commons.
   - Fill Index Gadget
   <>: This
   Gadget will fill the index page on Wikisource.

   - Hathi downloader <>: This tool will help to
   download the books in bulk.
   - Fatkun Batch Download Image
   A chrome addon which will help you to download images in bulk.
   - ABBYY fine reader <>: This tool will
   help you to run the OCR locally.
   - Other tools like Briss, pdfshuffle Gscan2pdf, and Scantailor where
   discussed which help to process the books after scanning.
   - The workflow of the Wikisource was discussed.

   - Cleanup js <>:
   Help to clean up the text in a bulk after OCR.
   - OTRS process <> was
   - Hands-on session on OCR.
   - Discussion on the tools that the Indic community needed to do work
   efficiently on Wikisource.
   - A small presentation on Transclusion of the book.

Thanks and Regards,


Programme Associate

Access to Knowledge program

The Centre for Internet & Society

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