Industry talks and Hackathon @ MLODE 2014, Sept. 1-2 in Leipzig, Germany

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Industry talks and Hackathon @ MLODE 2014, Sept. 1-2 in Leipzig, Germany

Sebastian Hellmann
Cal for Participation

Multilingual Linked Open Data (MLODE) 2014, Sept 1-2 in Leipzig, Germany
Free registration, but space is limited.
Co-located with SEMANTiCS 2014 (

        Industry speakers lined up to discuss use cases and requirements
        for linked data and content analytics

The agenda of the 4th LIDER roadmapping workshop and LD4LT event
<> has been
published. A great variety of industry stakeholders will talk about
linked data and content analytics. Industry areas represented include
content analytics technology, multilingual conversational applications,
localisation and more.

The LIDER roadmapping workshop will take place on September 2nd in
Leipzig, Germany and it will be collocated with the SEMANTiCS conference
<>. The workshop will be organised as part of
MLODE 2014 <> and will be preceded by a
hackathon <> on the 1st of September.

The event is supported by the LIDER <> EU
project, the MultilingualWeb <> community,
the NLP2RDF <> project as well as the DBpedia
<> project.

        3 Public hackathon preparation hangouts

In order to start brainstorming for the Hackathon on September 1st, we
would like to invite you to the preparation hangouts each Tuesday at
2pm. Please join here:

12/08 - 2 pm
19/08 - 2 pm
26/08 - 2 pm

or via the NLP2RDF Google+ Community:

Sebastian Hellmann
AKSW/NLP2RDF research group
Insitute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) and DBpedia Association
* *Sept. 1-5, 2014* Conference Week in Leipzig, including
** *Sept 2nd*, MLODE 2014 <>
** *Sept 3rd*, 2nd DBpedia Community Meeting
** *Sept 4th-5th*, SEMANTiCS (formerly i-SEMANTICS) <>
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Research Group:
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