Inspire Campaign on Measuring Community Health starts today!

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Inspire Campaign on Measuring Community Health starts today!

Sydney Poore
Hello Wikimedians,

I'm happy to announce the launch of the Inspire Campaign on Measuring
Community Health.[1] The goal of this campaign is to gather your ideas on
approaches to measure or evaluate the experience and quality of
participating and interacting with others in Wikimedia projects.

So what is community health? Healthy projects promote high quality content
creation, respectful collaboration, efficient workflows, and effective
conflict resolution. Tasks and experiences that result in patterns of
editor frustration, poor editor retention, harassment, broken workflows,
and unresolved conflicts are unhealthy for a project.

As a movement, Wikimedians have always measured aspects of their
communities. Data points, such as editor activity levels, are regularly
collected. While these metrics provide some useful indications about the
health of a project, they do not give major insights into challenges and
specific areas needing improvement or what areas have been successful.

We want to hear from you what specific areas on your Wikimedia project
should be evaluated or measured, and how it should be done. Share your
ideas, contribute to other people’s submissions, and get involved in the
new Inspire Campaign. After the campaign, grants and other paths are
available to support the formal development of these measures and
evaluation techniques.[2]

Warm regards,


Sydney Poore

Sydney Poore
Trust and Safety Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation
Trust and Safety team;
Anti-harassment tools team
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