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Interwiki on Commons (pywikipediabot)

Tomasz Sienicki

 Does no longer support Commons? It doesn't seem to work anymore.

 family = 'commons'
 mylang = 'commons'

 __version__ = '$Id:,v 1.279 2006/03/21 18:25:44 a_engels Exp $'

 % python United\ States
 Checked for running processes. 2 processes currently running, including the current process.
 Getting 1 pages from commons:commons...
 NOTE: [[commons:United States]] does not have any interwiki links
 ======Post-processing [[commons:United States]]======
 Updating links on page [[commons:United States]].
 No changes needed

 PS: Is pywikipediabot-users@ list dead?
 tsca * Tomasz Sienicki

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