Jenkins Qunit jobs restored

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Jenkins Qunit jobs restored

Antoine Musso-3

The Qunit Jenkins jobs have been failing most of the day due to the CI
images no more having the Apache2 plugin for PHP.   That caused any web
request to the local host MediaWiki to serve the raw PHP files.

The issue is **entirely solved** since 14:00 UTC.


The timeline:

09:00 UTC  I push a new image for Jessie. The previous one had been
stall for more than a week.   Around that time the qunit jobs start failing.

<lunch break in Europe>

11:30 UTC is filled.
Investigation follow (thank you Amir, Niklas, Kartik, Paladox).

12:20 UTC confirmation of the main symptom (PHP served raw)

12:35 UTC confirmed libapache2-mod-php5 is missing :(

14:00 UTC fixing puppet, rebuilding an image, testing locally, pushing
to wmflabs, testing for real => all OK.

Antoine Musso

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