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[Job] Postdoc in Social Research or Data Science

Hey everyone

We have an *open postdoc position* in the P2P Models
<http://p2pmodels.eu/> research
project in *Madrid*, for *social researchers *and *data scientists*
interested in joining our *multidisciplinary team *:)

*Keywords related to the position*: Collaborative Economy, gender studies,
multi-method approaches, Commons, co-ops, algorithmic governance,
blockchain from a critical stance, decentralized autonomous organizations,
emerging governance and economic models.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word.

*Tweet *mini-thread:

*Postdoc offer*

I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks a lot

Samer Hassan  |  @samerP2P <https://twitter.com/samerP2P>  |
https://samer.hassan.name  |  P2P Models <https://p2pmodels.eu/>
Faculty Associate, Berkman Klein Center <https://cyber.harvard.edu/>  |
Harvard University
Associate Professor (Profesor Titular)  |  Univ. Complutense de Madrid
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