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Chris Keating-2
I wouldn't normally post a Wikimedia Deutschland job opening to this list, but this one is unusual :-)


Wikimedia Deutschland is seeking an “Assistant for Chapter Relations”,
to start immediately.

== Job Purpose ==

The Assistant for Chapter Relations is responsible for bringing
together all relevant parties to form the new Chapters Council
( . The Council is
intended to serve as a central organization for all its member
chapters. Its purpose is to promote coordination and accountability
among the chapters, represent the chapters on common interests,
facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, and provide
proactive assistance and support in organizational development.

== Job Summary ==

* Outline and manage the short-term project plan, leading up to the
incorporation of the Chapters Council at the end of March
* Identify all necessary resources to initiate the Chapters Council
* Work together with the Wikimedia Chapters to outline the purpose and
the scope of the Chapters Council
* Develop an organizational and legal framework for the council
* Coordinate with the Wikimedia Foundation

== Required Qualifications ==

* Very good understanding of the Wikimedia Movement, and especially of
the Wikimedia Chapters environment
* Very good coordination and planning capabilities
* Proven track record in bringing together diverse groups from
different cultural backgrounds
* Experience in international project coordination
* Very good communication skills
* Self-starter

== Position details ==

The job is a paid contract position for 8 weeks, starting immediately.
The position does not require to move to Berlin, but occasional travel
may be required. The successful candidate will be required to present
his findings in person at the Wikimedia Conference 29. March 2012 to
1. April 2012

== Applying ==

If you are interested in this position, please write a  mail to
[hidden email] with the subject “Assistant for Chapter Relations”,
outlining your experience, your motivation, and why you are the right
person for the position. Attach a current CV as well.

Wikimedia Deutschland seeks to fill this position as soon as possible.
Job interviews will be happening via Skype in the week starting 5
March 2012. The position will remain open until filled.

For further questions, please use the email address above.

Feel free to post this job opening to mailinglists, Wikis or other
channels of communication.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Pavel Richter
Vorstand / CEO

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
Tel.: <a href="tel:%2B49%20-%2030%20-%20219%20158%20260" value="+4930219158260">+49 - 30 - 219 158 260
Twitter: @pavel

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