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Kurdish wikipedia - copyrights

It has came to my attention that Kurdish wikipedia is begining to be an
increasingly problematic issue as more and more copyrighted material appears
on it. This extends from identical chunks of text from hear and there pasted
to Kurdish wikipedia (many articles are unwikified implying such a violation
I have one example for such a violation and I did not look hard for it.)

Since kurdish wikipedia servers are in the US (I presume) at the very least
we should have some sort of regulation on Kurdish wikipedia.

Wikipedia link:

Suspected copyvio:


Also there are image vios. Many images are not tagged. I do not want to say
all but I could not find a single tagged image.


Furthermore I have serious concernes regarding the factual acuracy of
ku.wikipedia as there is little citation.

Some articles such as the galery above talks about the "fallen PKK comrades"
wikipedia is NOT a memorial (although the inaproporateness of
911.wikipediahas not been resolved yet). Nor is wikipedia median for

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