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[Language committee] Call for applications and advices

Milos Rancic-2
For those who don't want to read the whole email, we need:

* A person who is well introduced in Wikinews.
* A person who is well introduced in Wikiversity.
* A person who knows to program in Python and willing to spend 2
hours/week in archiving our mailing list on Meta [1].
* Your advices in defining what "substantial activity" (at Incubator,
Multilingual Wikisource or Beta Wikiversity) means for the approval of
new projects, especially in the cases of new Wikinews and Wikiversity

Please, send your applications and comments to me at
[hidden email]. If you are applying for Wikinews or Wikiversity
"position", please write your thoughts on what "substantial activity"
means for the project type for which "position" you are applying.

It is not hard to define implicitly or explicitly "substantial
activity" for new editions of Wikipedia and for new editions of other
projects which have dynamics similar to Wikipedia (Wiktionary,
Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikisource). You can write an
article, word definition, quote, book chapter or you can add a source
once and you don't need to see that project for months. In the case of
Wikinews, daily activity matters. In the case of Wikiversity, you need
real people around.

Thus, we need both: your input on question what "substantial activity"
for new Wikinews and Wikiversity editions means; as well as two
persons who would be willing to take care about new requests for
Wikinews and Wikiversity editions. If you have some important note
related to the same question, but about other projects (which have
Wikipedia-like dynamics), please send your comments, too. If you have
any other comment related to the Language proposal policy [2] (except
that it would be good to have Wikinews edition in Sumerian or so),
please send them, too.

Our archives [1] are outdated because of Jesse's lack of time. It is 2
hours/week task. For that position we need a confidential person who
knows to program in Python, but not necessarily (then, it is 4
hours/week task).

All of the new members will be full members of the Language committee,
which means that they will participate in other parts of the new
language editions approval.

[1] - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Language_committee/Archives
[2] - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Language_proposal_policy

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