Language engineering monthly report for July 2017

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Language engineering monthly report for July 2017

Niklas Laxström
The language engineering monthly report for July 2017 is ready.

*Highlights for this month*
Content Translation dashboard has received a major facelift that aligns it
with the Wikimedia style guide and makes it easier to use. now imports new messages up to 9 times per day. New
messages are made available for translation automatically but any changed
messages must be checked by a human. We want to ensure that users get the
new features in their own language. Please contact me if you want to help
us to have a robust around-the-clock coverage.

*Full report*

For those unfamiliar with this report, its goal is to summarize all
technical changes to internationalization, translation tools and other
language support products. It also highlights the diversity of contributors
to this area and that many of them are volunteers.

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