Last call for translations for MediaWiki 1.15.0

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Last call for translations for MediaWiki 1.15.0

Siebrand Mazeland
Dear list members,

MediaWiki 1.15.0 is expected to be released early next week (currently
MediaWiki 1.15 rc1 is available for download). This means that there is
little time left to complete the translations for this release. All willing
to contribute to the MediaWiki localisation are urged to join the
localisation effort at Below you will find a few helpful
links. Your help is very much appreciated.

I will be updating the 1.15 branch Sunday evening (GMT) for the last time
before the 1.15.0 release.

Kind regards,

Siebrand Mazeland staff

* Translation statistics (updated daily):
* 1.15 untranslated messages (pick your language from the "Language"
dropdown and press "Fetch"):
* Test MediaWiki 1.15 rc1:

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