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Legacy Pagecounts available in API

Nuria Ruiz

The analytics team would like to announce that legacy pagecounts are now
available programatically in an API.

"Pagecount" is the legacy definition of what we now call "pageview".
Pagecounts agreggated per project are available on API endpoint since
January 2008 to December 2016. The main difference among pagecounts and the
current pageview data is lack of filtering of self-reported bots, thus
automated and human traffic are reported together.  You can access data
overall but also mobile/desktop split.

Note that -at this time- we still do not have pagecount data per article,
thus far we have loaded only per-project legacy data.

More info  and examples of how to query the API can be found here:

Thanks to Thomas Steiner for promptly updating the pageviews.js node client
to be able to access pagecounts. Javascript client can be found here:

A glimpse of this data:


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