Less time this week and slower sql-s5-user

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Less time this week and slower sql-s5-user

Hello all,

as you may notice I was not online yesterday and today. The reason is that I
have way more to do in real-life at the moment and a flu is visiting my family
at the moment. For these reasons I will not be online as much as normal this
week (maybe it will get better at the weekend). If something VERY urgent
happens please send me a mail and I will look at it when I find time.
As you also may noticed is that sql-s5-user is slower than normal. The reason
is simple: I import commons in parallel threads to have it available as soon
as possible. If you need a fast and not much behind copy of s5 for READING use
sql-s5-rr (you should ALWAYS use that or dewiki-p.rrdb.toolserver.org for

Hope to see you soon.


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