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List of academic publications related to Wikipedia

Piotr Konieczny-2
Since this topic has came out several times recently, I've decided to
update the WP:ACST (Wikipedia in academic studies) page on Wikipedia. It
now has about 200 publications. It is still not comprehensive, but after
tripling it size over the past few days I hope it collects close to or
more than 75% of relevant publications out there.

Since it is a wiki page, it is easily updatable by us all (hint). It
certainly could benefit from further additions, if you are familiar with
any that are missing, as well as copyedit (double check the links; find
missing keywords; standarize author's names; standarize conference names
and publications outlets).

Since it is a Wikipedia page, there is no chance it will ever go down
and the effort of contributing to it be wasted (like apparently has
happened with - do we even know who
is/was responsible for maintaining that tool?). Combined with sortable
table, optional abstracts and keywords, I do think that WP:ACST is THE
ultimate Wikipedia research bibliography.

Certainly we would benefit from agreeing on a single site we should
contribute to; the current state with several sites collecting wikipedia
related bibliography, mostly unlinked to each other, with partial
overlapping, most missing much of what any other has (I have looked
through all of the ones linked here so far, cannibalizing them for
WP:ACST, and hence I stick by the above comment) is hardly helpful. As
with online encyclopedias, I think it makes much sense that "one should
rule them all" :)

The page in question can be found at:

Piotr Konieczny

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