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Living bio patrol on en:wp [[WP:BLPP]]

David Gerard-2

Shortcut: [[WP:BLPP]]

There's a talk page with lots and lots of discussion. I've just added
to WP:BLPP an outline of the simple patrolling process we've been
discussing on WP:BLPN and on wikien-l. I've broken it down into:

1. Simple edit patrolling (like RC patrol/vandal patrol, except for
living bios) - catch suspect unreferenced changes - "related changes"
on [[Category:Living people]] runs about 10 edits/minute.
2. Simple category maintenance (making sure every living bio in en: is
in [[Category:Living people]] and has {{WPBiography}} on the talk
page), so as to make 1. easier.
3. More difficult cases (possible problematic content it would take
too long for a patroller to deal with on the spot)

1 and 2 could benefit from software assistance (hence this being cc'd
to wikitech-l) - the edit patrolling could likely use similar tools to
present RC/vandalism patrol, and a bit of javascript to add the
category and template with one click would be useful.

Any ideas? Does this look good/bad?

On one end I haven't time to patrol and on the other I'm not a coder,
but I have an interest in that this comes up in *every* media contact
I've had recently ... so getting something effective into place that's
simple enough to be workable would be very good for us and our

- d.
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Re: [Wmfcc-l] Living bio patrol on en:wp [[WP:BLPP]]


On 8-Sep-06, at 9:34 AM, David Gerard wrote:


I agree, this is a major problem when working with press and also  
constitutes a large percentage of large-issue communications with the  
Foundation Office and with OTRS.

The [[WP:BLPP]] addresses many of the concerns, and is a great idea.  
However, this treats the symptoms of two fundamental issue which  
en.wp is not addressing: Who is noteworthy enough for inclusion in an  
encyclopedia, and what/how much should be said regarding living  
persons. These two issues cannot be resolved by a technical solution.

The Patrol is a reasonable stop-gap measure which will address the  
problems we have now, but it is unlikely to scale well, nor is it a  
solution for all wikipedias. I would encourage the en.wp community to  
create a few objective measures akin to the USA State of Florida  
judicial "Public Persons" test. It seems to me that any encyclopedic  
living persons biography must be about a person who is, at the very  
least, a public person (that is, someone reasonably well-known or in  
a position where they are likely to be addressing a general public  
audience, such as politicians for public office, newspaper editors,  
actors, radio announcers, clergy members, corporate spokespersons, &c.)

It is not reasonable to have large, in-depth biographies about living  
persons. Too much information makes is included, often with such  
detail that make an en.wp article a considerable risk to the  
subject's privacy and security (such as identity theft, among other  
things.) Deep articles are prone to bias, either showing the subject  
unfavourably or too favourably, and often give undue weight to some  
minor element of their life to push a point of view (a classic  
example are US Congressional members, whose articles almost  
universally contain extensive coverage of the most recent few years  
of public service - particularly perceived scandals - and may  
completely lack any mention of previous public positions or private  
careers.) Subjects can and do dramatically alter their lives and  
goals, and en.wp articles are not able to be relevant to these changes.

For these and other reasons, en.wp should develop policy limiting  
living persons articles to primary career facts and academic  
achievements, current positions held or endeavors, and minimal  
personal facts. By presenting a minimal set of biographic facts the  
community can circumvent a large number of internal and external  
conflicts, whilst avoiding maintenance issues and keeping the  
articles relevant until such time as the subjects may be viewed in  
historical context.



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