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Amir Sarabadani-2
The current logo of MediaWiki was adapted slightly more than fifteen years
ago and hasn’t changed since. This logo despite having the nice concept of
sunflower, is old. The sunflower represents the diversity, the constant
growth and also the wildness.

Among its biggest issues I can point out that it’s a bitmap picture so it’s
unusable in large sizes (like large posters) and it’s too realistic making
it unusable in small sizes.

Most, virtually all, software products use a simpler and more abstract
form. For example, docker, kubernetes, Ubuntu, VueJs, React, Apache Kafka,
and many more. It’s a good time for MediaWiki to follow suit.

My request is for changing the logo of MediaWiki and I have no plans or
interest in changing logo of any other project.

Please show your support, oppose or your comments in the discussion page.
You can also add more suggestions.

The discussion page:

Amir (he/him)
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