Looking for help around Wiki Loves Love project

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Looking for help around Wiki Loves Love project

mathieu lovato stumpf guntz
Hello everybody,
TL;DR: we, the WLL team, want to translate and mass message

I would like to know if some people here could help us with the preparations and
distribution of a message for Wiki Loves Love.

First a bit of context: Wiki Loves Love (WLL) is an international
photography competition of Wikimedia Commons with the subject love
testimonials happening in the month of February. With the rest of Wiki
Loves Love team we are in the last preparations of the February edition,
which include to mass message a small call to help in our last minute tasks:


From what I know at least the following countries should get active
support from some local wikimedians:

France, Germany, India, Italy, Nigeria, Zambia

So, if you could help me to join people speaking one or more languages
from this countries (and further) it would be great! 

Thank you in advance for any help and feedback you could provide, cheers.

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