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Looking for new Signpost editors-in-chief

Wikipedia Signpost
Dear Wikimedia community,

The deadline set for new editor-in-chief applications is fast approaching.
As I said two weeks ago:[1]

"Why should you apply? First, you will have established contributors who
are currently producing consistently stellar work, thus making your initial
learning curve far smaller. Second, it is an area far different than
Wikipedia itself; writers at the Signpost frequently use and develop a
different range of skills such as editorial judgment and journalistic

"Third, the personal reporting you want to do is wide open. With "News and
notes" having been on an extended hiatus, you are free to take it in the
direction you want, but you will not have to fight to get readers—you will
have thousands from the very beginning. Do you want to bring valuable
content contributions to light? Do you want to examine arcane financial
details of the Wikimedia Foundation and its affiliates? Do you want to
investigate sockpuppet armies and their effects? Do you want to be the hub
for fostering innovative ideas that will keep Wikipedia relevant for
decades to come? The limit, quite literally, is your imagination."

Please send an email to this address ([hidden email]) to
indicate your interest. I would like to find two individuals so that the
overall time commitment is smaller.

I look forward to hearing from you.

--The ed17, Signpost editor-in-chief

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