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Trevor Richardson
Hi All,


I don't know if you all struggled like I have at the outset to get a sample
database imported using mwdumper (3 days later - I still don't believe I'm
any closer!! And by the looks of the various threads elsewhere, I'm not


Please could someone who has achieved this almost impossible feat take me
thru step by step so that I can move on with my life.


To date, I have downloaded various databases big and small, I have the
downloaded mwdumper in zip format as well as the mysql-connector-java
3.1.12-bin.jar. My Wiki has been freshly setup on my local machine.


Please let me know where to put these files, what command-line commands to
run and what responses I can expect (visual/non-visual).


I promise to write and post a complete layman's instruction manual once I
have achieved this so that others don't waste their time like I have.


Thanks Mibrad







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