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Machine translation, Wikipedia and WiktionaryZ

Sabine Cretella
Well this is on one hand to inform you about what we are going to do/try
to do and on the other to tell people: if you want to do the same, just
do it.

Jeff has this wordlist he uses for the machine translation of the
Cherokee wikipedia. Well, since I want to try to do the same for
Neapolitan he told me to download it and substitute the Cherokee words
with Neapolitan words. Said and done :-) I downloaded the list. Talking
with GerardM about uploading it I sent him the list and he put it on
WiktionaryZ (thank you!):

Jeff: could you please confirm that we may use the list in this way
under GFDL and CC-BY?

Well, what will happen now: I will start to create the needed entries in
English and add the Neapolitan translations to it. Probably also Italian
and as soon as we have Cherokee online I'll copy and paste these words
there as well (always if I get the OK for it).

Once that is done we can go on with teaching the translation engine the
grammar rules :-)

Now people will say and if it does not work ... well something tells me
it will work ... and besides creating a basis for Machine Translation in
this way also a dictionary is created. So one effort with double result.

Therefore I invite all that are interested in doing similar things to
follow us in our adventure ... well yes, that's how I consider it: a
huge adventure in the world of languages. Probably some that will start
after me to work on this list will be faster ... it would be great to
see that - there is always that time problem (at least for me).

Well this is the first time when we will see one of the WiktionaryZ
features in action: reusability for other projects - in this case for
our wikipedias.

Thank you Jeff for taking the time to work on our languages.

Ciao, Sabine
Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale!* 
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