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Gerard Meijssen-3
For your information, a request has been made for the Maithili language. Given that the language Maithili fulfills the requirements of the language committee, it has the "eligible" status. This means that when the conditions have been met, the Maithili request will be approved.

I have asked for Maithili to be enabled on BetaWiki, this means that everything is in place for this phase. I have asked for English to be the fall back language as Hindi is currently not an option as this language is not really supported in MediaWiki at this time  (18.35% - 7.57% - 0.00%).

There has been a lot of activity at BetaWiki, when you look at the group statistics, you will find that a lot of progress has been made for the Indian languages..  I do want to remind you that all the work done in BetaWiki will be available in all the WMF projects (particularly Commons is of relevance here). The localisations will also become available in the releases of the MediaWiki software. There is a growing number of projects outside the WMF particularly in languages other then English. With more websites using MediaWiki, it becomes easier to find people who can contribute to our projects as well.


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