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Moritz Schubotz-2
Dear all,

I'm prod to announce that MathJaX 2.3 has been released this Monday
and successfully integrated to the Wikimedia Math extension by the
MathJax developer Frédéric Wang.
In the past month Gabriel Wicke, Frédéric Wang and me have been
working on a new version of the Math extension that displays either
MathML or high quality SVG images dependent on the users browser.
The conversion from the mediawiki tex syntax to MathML and SVG happens
at the server-side.
In order to preserve full backwards comparability parts of the old
texvc code have been reused. That way latex which was formerly called
by texvc and matjax that is called by now get exactly the same valid
tex input string.
So it is expected that they produce the same output but better quality.
Pleas be informed that the mediawiki input tex inside the <math>
element is no valid tex input. e.g. $\C$ was transformed to
$\mathbb{C}$ by texvc before $\mathbb{C}$ was passed to latex.
I did a detailed analysis of the texvc code, and I see a lot of
potential for improvement. However, I think it is a bad idea to change
the rendering engine and the input language at the same time.
As a result I recommend to keep some parts of the texvc code for now
and remove it, once we demonstrated that the switch from png images to
MathML with SVG fallback has been performed smoothly.

OK. But what's the problem?

The problem is that nobody reviews the parts of the texvc that should
remain for the moment. If someone is around, who wants to review the
little changes I have made to the texvc code this would help me a lot.
Please be aware that texvc that is written in ocaml. The only change I
made is to extract the latex output and pass it to mathjax rather than
Furthermore, I already verified that the code does what he should do
with all formulae occurring enwiki.

Best regards

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Moritz Schubotz

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