MediaWiki 1.32.0-wmf.10 group1 rollback

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MediaWiki 1.32.0-wmf.10 group1 rollback

Dan Duvall
Hey all,

After noticing a spike in DB related errors following today's Train
promotion of 1.32.0-wmf.10, I decided to rollback group1 to 1.32.0-wmf.8
(the previously deployed version, despite the numbering). Some teams are
already aware of the blocker task and others have been pinged.[0]

Also, just a reminder that we have a task for each train rollout to track
potential blockers.[1] You can follow that task to track each train's
progress. To view which version of MediaWiki any given wiki is running, you
can always use the "Wikimedia MediaWiki Versions" tool on Toolforge.[2]

Thanks for everyone's help in the #wikimedia-operations channel today!

Your conductor for the week,


Dan Duvall
Software Engineer, Release Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation <>
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