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MediaWiki 1.6.4 released

Brion Vibber
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MediaWiki 1.6.4 is a maintenance bug fix release, which rolls up some fixes to
additional minor problems and localization updates to the Spring 2006 quarterly

* Further improvements to Hebrew localisation
* (bug 5544) Fix redirect arrow in Special:Listredirects for right-to-left
* Replace "doubleredirectsarrow" with a content language check that picks
  the appropriate arrow
* Remove live debugging hack which caused errors with certain database names
* (bug 5510) Warning produced when using {{SUBPAGENAME}} in some namespaces
* (bug 5548) Improvements to Indonesian localisation [patch: Ivan Lanin]
* (bug 5403) Fix Special:Newpages RSS/Atom feeds
* (bug 3359) Add hooks on completion of file upload
* (bug 5184) CSS misapplied to elements in Special:Allmessages due to
  conflicting anchor identifiers
* (bug 5519) Allow sidebar cache to be disabled; disable it by default.
* Add $wgReservedUsernames configuration directive to block account creation/use
* (bug 5576) Remove debugging hack in session check
* (bug 5181) Update "nogomatch" for Slovak
* (bug 5594) Id translation up to '# Login and logout pages' section
* (bug 5536) Use content language for editing help link
* Minor improvements to English language files
* Improvements to German localisation files
* (bug 5628) Translations for MessagesHr.php
* (bug 5595, 5644) Localisation for Bosnian language (bs)
* (bug 5592) Actions are logged with the default language for the
   wiki, not the language of the user performing the operation.
* (bug 5646) Compare for identical types in wfElement()
* Fix for concurrency problem in job queue (image description page invalidation)
* (bug 5497) regeression in HTML normalization in 1.6 (unclosed <li>,<dd>,<dt>)
* (bug 5709) Allow customisation of separator for categories
* (bug 4834) Fix XHTML output when using $wgMaxTocLevel
* Improvements to update scripts; print out the version, check for superuser
  credentials before attempting a connection, and produce a friendlier error if
  the connection fails
* (bug 5005): Fix XHTML <gallery> output.
* (bug 5315) "Expires: -1" HTTP header made strictly valid (using 1970 date).
* (bug 4825): note in DefaultSettings.php about 'profiling' table creation
* Remove unneeded extra whitespace at top of Special:Categories
* Rewrite reassignEdits script to be more efficient; support optional updates to
  recent changes table; add reporting and silent modes
* Updated initStats maintenance script
* (bug 5723) Don't count pages linked to from the MediaWiki namespace as "wanted"
* (bug 5789) Treat "loginreqpagetext" as wikitext
* (bug 5796) We require MySQL >=4.0.14

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MD5 checksum:
3afc13074e29db9083fb73435e5e7371  mediawiki-1.6.4.tar.gz

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