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MediaWiki-CodeSniffer 0.12.0


MediaWiki-CodeSniffer 0.12.0 is now available for use in your MediaWiki
extensions and other projects. This release fixes bugs from 0.11.0 as
well as some new features:

* Add sniff to ensure floats have a leading `0` if necessary (Kunal Mehta)
* Add sniff to ensure the class name matches the filename (Kunal Mehta)
* Change bootstrap-ci.php to match PHP CodeSniffer 3.0.0 (Umherirrender)
* Check for unneeded punctation in @param and @return (Umherirrender)
* Check spacing after type in @return (Umherirrender)
* Check spacing before type in @param and @return (Umherirrender)
* Clean up test helpers (Kunal Mehta)
* Do not mess long function comments on composer fix (Umherirrender)
* Enforce "short" type definitions in multi types in function comments
* Make it easier to figure out which test failed (Kunal Mehta)
* phpunit: replace deprecated strict=true (Umherirrender)
* Remove GoatSniffer integration (Kunal Mehta)
* Remove unmatched @codingStandardsIgnoreEnd (Umherirrender)
* Rename OpeningKeywordBracketSniff to OpeningKeywordParenthesisSniff
* Use local OneClassPerFile sniff for only one class/interface/trait
(Kunal Mehta)

Patches were submitted by libraryupgrader for all MediaWiki extensions
and skins to update them to the newest version (see my other email for
more details).

-- Legoktm

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