MediaWiki-CodeSniffer 13.0.0 released

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MediaWiki-CodeSniffer 13.0.0 released


MediaWiki-Codesniffer 13.0.0 is now available for use in your MediaWiki
extensions and other projects. This release features new sniffs and
improvements in existing ones. And as you may have noticed, we jumped
from 0.12.0 to 13.0.0. This is to be compliant with semantic versioning
(new releases will just bump the major version) and indicate the
maturity of the project. The changelog for this release:

* Add sniff for @cover instead of @covers (James D. Forrester)
* Add sniff to find and replace deprecated constants (Kunal Mehta)
* Add sniff to find unused "use" statements (Kunal Mehta)
* Add space after keyword require_once, if needed (Umherirrender)
* Fix @returns and @throw in function docs (Umherirrender)
* Prohibit some globals (Max Semenik)
* Skip function comments with @deprecated (Umherirrender)
* Sniff & fix lowercase @inheritdoc (Gergő Tisza)

Libraryupgrader is submitting patches for most Gerrit repositories. :)

-- Legoktm

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