MediaWiki-Codesniffer 0.10.1 released

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MediaWiki-Codesniffer 0.10.1 released


MediaWiki-Codesniffer 0.10.0 is now available for use in your MediaWiki
extensions and other projects. This release fixes bugs from 0.10.0 as
well as some new features:

* Add .gitattributes (Umherirrender)
* Add Squiz.Classes.SelfMemberReference to ruleset (Kunal Mehta)
* build: Added php-console-highlighter (Umherirrender)
* Don't ignore files or paths with "git" in them, only .git (Kunal Mehta)
* Fix exclude of common folders (Umherirrender)
* Fix "Undefined index: scope_opener" in SpaceBeforeClassBraceSniff (Reedy)
* Forbid backtick operator (Matthew Flaschen)
* Ignore returns in closures for MissingReturn sniff (Kunal Mehta)
* PHP CodeSniffer on CI should only lint HEAD (Antoine Musso)
* Reduce false positives in ReferenceThisSniff (Kunal Mehta)
* Sniff that the short type form is used in @return tags (Kunal Mehta)
* Swap isset() === false to !isset() (Reedy)
* track=1 rather than defaultbranch (Reedy)
* Update PHP_CodeSniffer to 3.0.2 (Kunal Mehta)

I'll be working on submitting patches for extensions again shortly.

-- Legoktm

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