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Eric Veltman
[ Sending this again, as the Gmane post seems to have failed ]

Hello everyone,

I work for Twinfield, a company in the Netherlands who develops
and hosts ( application service provider ) online accounting software.
We've started ( and enjoy ) using MediaWiki for internal documentation,
and we're now also considering to use it for external documentation,
like manuals, FAQs, HOWTOs, API documentation, etc.
We would need some kind of single sign on for that external Wiki
and we would need "advanced" features such as language namespaces.

I haven't discussed this with my boss yet, but for this external
Wiki installation, I think it's much more efficient if someone
with lots of MediaWiki experience sets it up.

So if you are or know someone/some company with lots of functional
and technical knowledge of MediaWiki and are interested to
share it with us for money and set up the external Wiki
then please contact me by e-mail. Please note that we're
Netherlands based, so hiring someone in NL or close to NL
would have our preference.

Best regards,

Eric Veltman
Software Engineer
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