MediaWiki developer meet-up in Berlin, April 3-5

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MediaWiki developer meet-up in Berlin, April 3-5

Daniel Kinzler
Hello All

I'm happy to announce the MediaWiki Developer Meet-Up will happen April 3.-5. in
Berlin, at the c-base. The event is for everyone who works on MediaWiki, writes
extensions, builds bots, writes scripts for the toolserver, or is otherwise
interested in the technical aspects of Wikimedia. We are happy that we can now
have the meet-up after our plans for 25C3 and FOSDEM failed. If you want to come
to the Developer Meetup, please sign up at

The event will take place in parallel to the Wikimedia Foundation's board
meeting and chapter meeting, so there will be a lot of Wikimedians in Berlin at
the time. We plan to have a party to bring everyone together and give an
opportunity for developers, board members and chapter people to mingle.

The meet-up will be a loose BacCamp-like event so topics and schedule are
largely up to you. The goal is to get to know new aspects of MediaWiki and
Wikimedia and to develop ideas on how we can make things even better. And of
course to have a lot of fun with wiki hackers from around the world!

-- daniel

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