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MediaWiki developer meeting is drawing close

Daniel Kinzler
The meet-up[1] is drawing close now: between April 3. and 5. we meet at the
c-base[2] in Berlin to discuss MediaWiki development, extensions, toolserver
projects, wiki research, etc. Registration[3] is open until March 20 (required
even if you already pre-registered).

The schedule[4] is slowly becomming clear now: On Friday, we'll start at noon
with a who-is-who-and-does-what session and in the evening there will be an
opportunity to get to know Berlin a bit. On Saturday we have all day for
presentations and discussions, and in the evening we will have a party together
with all the folks from the chapter and board meetings. On Sunday there will be
a wrap-up session and a big lunch for everyone.

We have also organized affordable accommodation: we have reserved rooms in the
Apartmenthaus am Potsdamer Platz[5]. Staying there is a recommended way of
getting to know your fellow Wikimedians!

I'm happy that so many of you have shown interest, and I'm sure we'll have a
great time in Berlin!



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