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MediaWiki for disability persons

Milos Rancic
As an admin on Anarchopedia, one guy asked me to open "disability
Anarchopedia". You can see our talk on the page
(from this heading to the rest of the page).

Hm. There is no problem to open one or more MediaWikis, but the same
MediaWiki engine would to nothing. I was thinking about changing of
Monobook skin, but it seems that it is not enough.

As this is not only Anarchopedia-related question; as well as it
should be implemented on Wikimedian projects, too; as well as this is
important issue -- I would like to hear is there any good solution for
people with disabilities so they can be able to equally contribute to
MediaWiki projects?

I was thinking about using Emacs (it has wiki interface and I am sure
that I found that it has some interfaces for persons with
disabilities), but Emacs is too complex...

Is there anything else which can be used? If not, is there a people
who are willing to work on such issue? If not, may WMF fund a project
with aim to solve this problem?
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