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[MediaWiki-l] Developer Wanted! - Paid modifications for mediawiki skin foreground

Are you available for paid modifications for mediawiki skin foreground?


## List of tasks:

- fix wiki Expand All / Collapse All
- mediawiki foreground skin: make items in navigation clickable without
drop-down and without javascript
- There is too much white space on the left and the right side of any
wiki page.
- Some of our boxes or something breaks mobile view.
- css fixes required
- mediawiki markup fix required
- CodeSelect needs fixes
- Bullet point font sizes within footnotes are too big (bigger than
normal footnote size), should be smaller.
- After a bullet point, there is too little white space before the next
non-bullet point text.

* task details: https://phabricator.whonix.org/T809

## Conditions:
- All modifications could stay Libre Software of course.
- The copyright would stay with you. I am neither interested in
copyright nor attribution.
- The level of transparency is up to you.
- I am myself a huge fan of Libre Software.
- Contribute the solution as a pull request upstream whenever possible.

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