[MediaWiki-l] Do you use the mediawiki-core (no bundled extensions/skins) tarball?

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[MediaWiki-l] Do you use the mediawiki-core (no bundled extensions/skins) tarball?

Kunal Mehta

While preparing the last MediaWiki security release, we (Reedy & I)
noticed that the mediawiki-core variant of the tarball that doesn't
include the bundled extensions/skins is treated differently than the
normal tarball. So we have two questions that will help us prioritize
future release process improvements.

If you don't use the special mediawiki-core tarball, you can ignore the
rest of this message.

1. Briefly, why do you use the mediawiki-core tarball instead of the
standard tarball that includes extensions/skins?

2. Would you benefit from having a patch file (example[1]), like the one
we currently generate for the standard mediawiki tarball?

Replies on or off list are fine. This is mostly an informal survey, we
don't have any plans yet and are mostly trying to gauge usage first.

[1] https://releases.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.31/mediawiki-1.31.1.patch.gz

-- Legoktm

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