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[MediaWiki-l] Improving the mediawiki.org frontpage: Part 2 (Content)

Andre Klapper-2

this is a follow-up to Part 1 (Audiences) in
when I asked for help and comments to define which audiences to cover.
While there has not been a lot of feedback, most of it was pretty
You can find the results under

The next step for the next three weeks is to decide on the content. An
initial proposal (and explanations of challenges) can be found under
The proposal is not too different from the current content and tries to
use clearer phrasing, avoids some of the current content duplication,
removes a smaller number of some currently unhelpful pages and adds
better information mostly for sysadmins and people who heard about
MediaWiki for the very first time.

If this sounds interesting, please take a look at the link above and
let's discuss on the corresponding discussion page!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input!
Andre Klapper | Bugwrangler / Developer Advocate

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