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Jeroen De Dauw-2
Hey all,

We are running a survey to find out how MediaWiki can be improved for the
typical non-Wikimedia user.

Does MediaWiki work well for your company, organization or personal
project? What are the pain points and what do you love? Take a few minutes
to let us know your thoughts.

Please share the survey with (other) MediaWiki users. We are particularly
interested in the experience of the typical user rather than the expert. We
already know a lot about what expert users want. Hence this survey
explicitly is not for MediaWiki developers, wiki consultants, Wikimedia
employees and primarily Wikipedia editors. If you are one of those, please
do still share the survey.

Survey for MediaWiki users: https://forms.gle/Ah9xL5KjroLwLpkGA

If you are not using MediaWiki, but are considering to do so, or have
investigated it in the past, we have an alternative survey for you. Again
we ask everyone to share this survey.

Survey for people not using MediaWiki: https://forms.gle/BqFyR6kPRi5z6DtQ6

We will share results of the survey on our blog.

Thank you for helping to make MediaWiki even better!

Jeroen De Dauw | www.EntropyWins.wtf <https://EntropyWins.wtf>
Professional wiki hosting and services: www.Professional.Wiki
Entrepreneur | Software Crafter | Open Source | Speaker ~=[,,_,,]:3
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