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Alex Zanutto
Hi everyone,

I looked for a solution but I haven't found it either online or on the

I have got this wiki http://cemp.altervista.org

Every page created with the form Paradox
http://cemp.altervista.org/index.php?title=Form:Paradox will have a
Keywords section. I would like:

   - for every word that is input in that field to belong to the Keywords
   - for every word that is input to be a subcategory of the Keywords
   - that every subcategory created this way to be assigned to the page
   that is created trhough the form

For example take this page

In the form to create it I would input 'Nothing' and 'Test' in the Keywords
Once the page is created the links in the Keywords section will
respectively send the user to the Nothing or Test category page (both
subcategories of Keywords). The page will have the Nothing and Test

Is it possible?

Thank you very much
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