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[MediaWiki-l] Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0 released

Hello everyone,

we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Semantic
MediaWiki 3.0.0 release: [0]. It is an epic release bringing a lot of
new features and improvements as well as bug fixes.

## Version highlights

– Rework of the list formats as well as the template format which is now
called plainlist and used by default

– Several user interface changes to make them more intuitive and
= Special page "Ask". It also comes with an input assistance on input
fields, a comprehensive input help (cheat sheets) and a compact view
= Special page "Browse". It also allows for the grouping of properties
= Special page "Types". The overview also includes brief datatype
= Special page "SemanticMediaWiki". Additionally many feature pages are
provided including a tabbed view and many additional feature pages
= Property and Concept pages including a tabbed view

– Integration in special page "Search" was extended including an input
assistance on fields and the option of adaptable search profiles

– Local-specific (ICU) sorting and collation is now possible for pages
as well as values of datatype "Page"

– Query syntax was extended in many ways by:
= query markers (@deferred, @control, @annotation)
= query conditions (+depth, in:, phrase:)
= query printouts (+width=)

– Possibility to restrict query execution of expensive inline queries
whereas you may define what expensive means in your setup

– The table format was enhanced by datatable classes

– New create protection feature as part of the authority mode

– New namespace "smw/schema" allowing to define schemas for several
purposes including search profiles for special page "Search"

– New API modules "smwbrowse" and "smwtask" were added and further API
module improvements were made

– ElasticStore introduced as an still experimental alternative backend

– Several general performance improvements

– New datatype "Keyword"

See the release notes [1] for these changes and for much more
information on the many features, enhancements, changes and fixes this
release additionally brings to you. We recommend to allow some time to
explore everything about this new release.

Note that the documention on the Semantic MediaWiki is still work in
progress. However all changes documented in the release notes are
referenced to the respective pull requests which already contain consise
information about the accompanying changes.

## Compatibility changes

Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0 dropped support for PHP 5.5 and lower as well
as MediaWiki 1.26 and lower. See also the compatibility notes [2] for
detailed information.

## Installing and upgrading

After backing up your database just update the version in your
"composer.local.json" file to "~3.0" and run "composer update --no-dev".
Remember to also update your database afterwards by running "update.php"
due to schema changes and new database tables. This is followed by
rebuilding the stored data by running "rebuildData.php". Note that
running the schema update may take quite some time as well as rebuilding
the stored data. If you would like to install Semantic MediaWiki you can
follow the installation instructions: [3].

## Contributors

At this point we would like to thank all people involved for their
incredible work making this release possible:

James Hong Kong, translatewiki.net and the translator community, Karsten
Hoffmeyer, Jeroen De Dauw, Stephan Gambke, Kumioko, Iván, Zoran Dori,
James Montalvo, Máté Szabó,
Jaider Andrade Ferreira, Josef Konrad, TK-999, Amir E. Aharoni, C. Scott
Ananian, Kunal Mehta, Peter Grassberger, Prateek Saxena, Stephan, Thiemo
Kreuz, Timo Tijhof, Toni Hermoso Pulido, ka7, matthew-a-thompson, salle,
غلامحسین حق دوست.

We also encourage your continued participation: [4].

A big thank you to all of you for using Semantic MediaWiki. We wish you
a pleasant time and a lot of success doing so.

- The SMW development team

[0] https://bit.ly/smw-300-tg
[1] https://bit.ly/smw-300-rn
[2] https://bit.ly/smw-300-c
[3] https://bit.ly/smw-300-i
[4] https://bit.ly/smw-300-p

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