[MediaWiki-l] Sharing users and session across wikis im MW 1.27

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[MediaWiki-l] Sharing users and session across wikis im MW 1.27

Krabina Bernhard
Dear all,

I'd like to have a very simple solution to sharing user tables and session data between two mediawiki installations on the same webhost.

Feature 1: Users that log in into wiki B and already have user credentials in wiki A can use the same credentials (wiki A is the master, wiki B the "slave" wiki)
Feature 2: Users that are currently logged in into wiki A should be logged in in wiki B without additional login-procedure

The shared database instruction seems not to be very up to date: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Shared_database

It leads to the documentation about SessionManager and AuthManager of MW 1.27.

But now it seems to get really complicated.

Can someone show me a very simple example on how to do this in two MW 1.27.x installations on the same webhost? Wiki A in my example already exists. Now I want to setup wiki B (in a separate database, but on the same webhost) and would appreciate a simple way to do this.


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