[MediaWiki-l] Sync'ing all articles in wiki1:Foo namespace with wiki2:Foo (on the same server)

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[MediaWiki-l] Sync'ing all articles in wiki1:Foo namespace with wiki2:Foo (on the same server)

Hi, I have an enterprise server hosting multiple closed wikis. All data collected from specific page forms on wiki1 into articles in a specific namespace (say NSx) are required to be copied/cloned/updated to another wiki (say, wiki2) into the same namespace. All other pages in all other namespaces are to remain independent. --- The copy/clone/update is to be one-way.. meaning that edits on pages in the NSx namespace of wiki2 will have no impact on wiki1 and will be overwritten when new updates occur on an article in the Foo namespace of wiki1.

So far I've been exploring what is possible using Hooks and with the "Push" extension. I'm willing to invent/write my own solution for this, but first I was hoping to see if A) anyone here knows of an existing solution to this need, and B) what people think the best approach might be if it is to be taken up from scratch. I do have the luxury of saying that both wikis are hosted on the same server and I have root access to that server. I'm just not sure what the best approach is. Any insights and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I'm playing with Push, but I'm also thinking that it might be ideal to make a localhost hook extension which uses the "ArticleSaveComplete" Hook in wiki1 to write the updated article content to wiki2 using the API and an bot account. Is this sound?

Thank you!
-Rich (revansx)

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