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[MediaWiki-l] Tracking that specific versions of pages have been read by users

Larry Silverman
I'm using Mediawiki as a Quality Management System
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_management_system> (QMS). I'm using
the ApprovedRevs <https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Approved_Revs>
extension to enable a lightweight approval workflow. This enables me to
show users only the approved version of a given policy, process or

I'd like to add a button at the bottom of each page that an employee would
click to acknowledge they read and understood the approved version of the
document. If a new version of the document is approved, the user would need
to return to the page and repeat the acknowledgement. The acknowledgements
would likely be stored in new tables in the database.

Ideally, I'd use the "This is a minor edit" flag to indicate when a page
might need an employee to re-read it. If all changes between approved
versions were minor, rereading (retraining) would not be needed. But if
there were a non-minor change and the page was approved, then individuals
would need to return and indicate they re-read and understood the page.

I'd like to only show the "I read and understood this" button when the user
belongs to a specific group for whom the policy, procedure or process
applies. We use Semantic Mediawiki, and I imagine I'd make use of template
properties to create an "Applies to groups" property, and wire things up to
Active Directory to determine group membership.

I have other ideas for rounding out this feature. Adjunct user pages might
be created so users can track which pages they need to review and which
they're "trained" on already. Will likely need reports so managers can keep
tabs on employee training.

I'm wondering if anyone's done anything like this previously and could
steer me to existing extensions that might help. I've searched through the
existing extensions but nothing jumped out at me as an obvious fit.

I'm guessing I'll need to write a custom extension to accomplish most of
the above.

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