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[MediaWiki-l] all roads lead to a debian package

Moritz Schubotz-2

there is great news. Jenkins supports to build debian packages, now .
After trying to build a package for LaTeXML in summer it took me one
full day to build a first version of a mathoid package and publish it
too launchpad.
Most confusiong (and time consuming) are the various option to build
debian packages. For me it wasn't obvious what's best practice to
build a package.
Is the guide
still up to date?
I think it would be great if a common practice to build wmf packages
could be developed.
I'd be interested in building following packages:
- mathoid
- latexml
- latexml-server
- MathWeb Search
and an XML data storage (I don't know yet which is the best one; ibm
db2 seems to outperform basex by orders of magnitudes).


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